Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Training

Reflex Marine Frog XT Personnel Transfer System

Demonstrating use of FROG XT Personnel Transfer System.

HHSL Safety Systems Limited is an authorised distributor & training provider for Reflex Marine Limited's range of products.

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Industrial Firefighting at HHSL Safety Systems Limited

Industrial Fire Fighting.

UAV Flare & Cell Tower Inspections

Inspections conducted on a Cell Tower and Flare Stack with UAV

Iam Tech Thermal 3d Rendering

3D Rendering of Potential Industrial Fire Hazards.

Iam Dispersion

This software helps to generate potential leak paths for Gases and other chemicals. 

Elios, A Collision Tolerant Drone

UAV for confined space inspections where there are too many objects around and you run the risk of collision. This drone has a protective cage around it allowing it to bump into objects without compromising the integrity of the UAV.

Please contact us for Confined Space inspection services.

Sniffer 4D

Air Quality Monitoring


Country Manager of TLC Guyana 

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