Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

HHSL Safety Systems Limited is now offering an on-site inspection service for Fall

Protection and Fall Protection Rescue gear used by personnel working at heights and

emergency response teams. Save time and manpower by having our UK Certified

Technicians perform your annual equipment inspections.

Benefits include:

  • UK Certified personnel to inspect equipment to manufacturer standards
  • Inspection documentation from an independent third party adhering to UK LOLER
  • Frees your personnel from the responsibility of equipment inspections
  • No removal of equipment from your compound

Our service includes a visual and functional inspection of hardware, nylon

products (including rope, webbing, and anchoring components), harnesses, and

all accessory equipment (including litters and stretchers) utilized in confined

space/high angle applications. Inspections are conducted in accordance with

manufacturer’s specifications and satisfy the requirement for a bi-annual

 inspection by a competent person.

Reporting documentation will include pertinent information such as the

manufacturer, product number and serial/lot number (where applicable), date of

manufacture and in-service date (when available). It will also include the results

of pass/fail testing for both visual and functional inspection. All equipment

deemed unsuitable for use will be tagged for removal from service.


A full report of findings will be provided to include storage conditions, accessibility

of equipment to responders and any other recommendations to improve overall

care and maintenance. 

Users of the equipment are encouraged to attend this inspection where they will

receive information on proper pre and post-use inspections for their equipment.

Guidance can be also offered in areas of equipment care, inspection, record-

keeping and proper storage.

For further information, please e-mail hhslservices@hhslsafety.com